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IBM commerce on cloud

We've all been hearing and reading a lot about cloud computing, about the cost and time-to-market benefits of deploying applications in the cloud. It's true.

Cloud computing absolutely delivers these benefits. Businesses of all sizes, across all industries, in every geography have achieved these benefits for many applications in their operational systems portfolios. But the benefits of cloud computing have been a bit elusive to achieve for ecommerce, the operational applications for online marketing, sales, fulfillment, and service. Why? Because businesses of all sizes, from emerging small and mid-sized businesses, to upper midmarket businesses, to large enterprises, need ecommerce applications that deliver all the benefits of cloud computing, but also deliver:

  • Comprehensive ecommerce capabilities — capabilities for marketing, merchandising, sales, fulfillment, and order and account management.
  • Fast and easy deployment.
  • Access to consulting services for expertise and best practices to help plan and manage ecommerce system deployment and post deployment support.

Image credit: Flickr (Tattooed JJ)

Download this whitepaper below.