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Rumour: Samsung fingerprint sensor smartphones coming in 2014

Samsung is expected to jump on the fingerprint sensor bandwagon next year with two new devices released that will take advantage of the technology.

The South Korean company is among a glut of firms that could implement the technology in 2014, according to comments made by Fingerprint Cards CEO Johan Carlstrom.

"Samsung is well known for having multiple suppliers for most components and our goal is to be selected as one of their sensor suppliers already in 2014," Carlstrom told Reuters.

He expects Samsung to release at least one smartphone, maybe two, featuring either a swipe or touch fingerprint sensor in 2014, and the company is targeting Android smartphones and tablets as well as the Windows OS.

"I think at least seven or eight will launch a phone with a touch sensor in 2014," Carlstrom added.

It has already signed contracts to supply its cheaper swipe fingerprint technology to suppliers in the Far East including Fujitsu in Japan, Pantech in South Korea and Konka in China.

Fingerprint Cards is the same company that was embroiled in a hoax last month where a press release in its home company of Sweden stated that Samsung was to buy the firm for $650 million [£406 million]. It led the Swedish Economic Crime Authority to open a fraud investigation and Carlstrom declined to comment on the case that is now underway.

As far as future growth is concerned the firm expects to account for 60 per cent of the smartphone market, not including Apple, for touch sensors in 2014 and 2015, with a predicted fivefold increase in revenue in 2014 to 500 million krona [£46 million].

Other smartphone manufacturers are playing catch up with Apple after it included a fingerprint sensor in its latest smartphone, the iPhone 5S, which allows users to lock and unlock the device using a fingerprint.