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Social business anytime, anywhere

Support for mobile devices is becoming a more urgent requirement for most organisations. A Forrester Research study released in June 2012 "found that overall 53 per cent of employees are using their own technology for work purposes." Your customers are also expecting to be able to access your web content from mobile devices. The IBM report "From Stretched to Strengthened: Insights from the Global Chief Marketing Officers Study" reported that chief marketing officers selected the growth of channel and device choices as one of the top five factors impacting marketing, but 65 per cent of respondents felt underprepared to manage this growth. How are enterprises reacting to this demand for mobile support?

Forward-thinking companies are embracing social technologies to make their workforce more effective and to delight customers.These social businesses need employees, partners and customers to be able to engage anytime, anywhere — and with any device, including today's smartphones and tablets. One recent Aberdeen survey found a 45 per cent increase in productivity through the use of mobile apps, as well as increased employee, partner and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Security-rich IBM solutions for social business can help you address these mobile opportunities. With a breadth of messaging and business functions in the palms of their hands, employees can stay connected with their professional networks — even away from the office — and be nimble in their interactions with colleagues, business associates and customers. And customers can access your web content from practically any mobile device they use.

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