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Report: Degrees alone no longer sufficient for career in IT

A university degree is no longer sufficient for jobseekers to break into the IT industry, according to research from IT recruitment site

The report claims that 76 per cent of IT professionals recommend vocational training courses as a better route into employment than a traditional academic degree.

"A shortfall in skilled professionals could have a big impact on Britain's future as a key power within the technology sector," said Richard Nott, director at "Whilst degrees undoubtedly form a solid theoretical foundation for professionals, 64% of professionals working in the technology industry do not hold a degree themselves.

"It's therefore important that alternate routes into the industry are encouraged, and importance of degrees relaxed, in order to provide new channels to industry for budding IT professionals."

The IT professionals consulted by the recruitment site also believed that more needed to be done to teach IT in schools. 56 per cent of professionals said that programming should be integrated into the curriculum for secondary education from 2015 onwards, while 86 per cent said that children should be introduced to computing at primary school.

Last week, Skyscape Cloud Service announced that it has launched a work placement programme to help undergraduates break into the industry, offering students the opportunity to gain skills and experience in the operation and development of cloud technologies.

"We think that it's extremely important to identify and develop the talent in this field, and give graduates an opportunity to work in a fast-paced, high-tech environment," said Phil Dawson, chief executive of Skyscape Cloud Services.