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ASDA voucher scam targeting Facebook users

A Facebook scam claiming to offer ASDA gift vouchers is duping thousands of users on the social networking site to promote online survey sites and even costing some money.

Graham Cluley reports that users of the site have been tricked into posting messages to their friends telling them about the £500 ASDA shopping voucher offer even though there are no vouchers available.

“Yet another scam is spreading on Facebook, this time using the tried-and-trusted technique of luring unsuspecting social networkers into clicking by pretending to be supermarket vouchers in the run-up to Christmas,” Cluley stated

Users that do click on the link that offers the ‘Free £500 ASDA Voucher’ are directed to a page that is decorated with snowmen and emblazoned with ASDA in its trademark bright green colourway.

After informing users of the number of vouchers remaining it then invites them to complete two simple steps. The first is to share the page and then secondly add a comment praising ASDA after which the user will be redirected to a new page.

It’s on this page that the scam comes into its own as users are then invited to complete a short survey to get the voucher with the scammers earning affiliate commission off anyone that gets to this stage. The scam is at its most lucrative, for the scammers, when users input mobile phone details and inadvertently sign up for premium rate services.

A similar scam in the US targeted users by advertising free vouchers for CostCo worth $500 and Cluley reminded Facebook users that it’s up to them to avoid scams like this as Facebook cannot always be trusted to do so.

“Always be careful what you believe, and what you click on, on Facebook. Sadly, you cannot rely upon Facebook to properly police the scams which often spread across its site,” Cluley added.

Jamie Hinks
Jamie Hinks

Jamie is a freelance writer with over eight years experience writing for online audiences about technology and other topics. In his time writing for ITProPortal he wrote daily news stories covering the IT industry and the worldwide technology market, as well as features that covered every part of the IT market, from the latest start ups to multinational companies and everything encompassed by the IT sector. He has also written tech content for our sister publication, TechRadar Pro. Jamie has since moved into sports betting content and is Content Manager at Betbull.