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CODE_n14 announces 50 best big data startups ahead of CeBIT 2014 showdown

The finalists for the CODE_n14 content have been announced with the list of 50 dominated by startups from the UK, US and Germany.

Over 450 startups from 60 countries showed an interested in entering the content that aims to recognise the startups that best represent the avant-garde of the big data movement under the slogan “Driving the Data Revolution”.

The initiative partners GFT GROUP, EY and Deutsche Messe selected the finalists, with the former particularly impressed with the quality of the applicants that had to be whittled down.

“We were overwhelmed by the exceptional quality of the applications we received,” states Ulrich Dietz, initiator of CODE_n and CEO of the GFT Group. “CODE_n will showcase what is already possible with big data – not just in terms of technology, but also in terms of ground-breaking applications and industry solutions.”

The CODE_n14 award will be handed out on 12 March 2014 as part of the CeBIT 2014 conference in Hanover that, itself, runs from 10-14 March 2014. The 50 finalists announced today earn a free space at the exhibition to showcase their company and the overall winner will receive €30,000 [£26,000] in prize money.

Startups from 16 different territories make up the 50 finalists with the UK, US, and Germany providing the majority of finalists with Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Israel, and France all sending several startups each. Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg and Hungary, meanwhile, will all provide one startup.

“Firstly, this year marked the most UK CODE_n entrants ever and it is very impressive to see so many UK finalists in the year that the UK is CeBIT’s Country Partner. Secondly, we are seeing a lot of exciting big data finalists with a financial services offering. We’ll be working closely with them to better understand the benefits they offer to our clients,” said GFT UK MD Christopher Ortiz.

The UK startups that made the final are healthcare firm SOMA Analytics, manufacturing and construction specialists Sefaira, marketing and sales company iptvbeat, retail and consumer firm viewsy, as well as numerous technology and IT firms Actual Experience, Deltasight and Massive Analytic.