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Pope Francis, Miley Cyrus and Harlem Shake dominate 2013 Facebook chatter

As the door closes on 2013, Facebook is helping users take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about the year that was.

The social network this week released its annual Year in Review, which highlights the most talked-about public figures and events on the social network in 2013. Facebook users were not at a loss for things to post about this year, thanks to events like the election of a new Pope, the devastating Philippine typhoon, and the death of Nelson Mandela.

Globally, the most talked-about person on Facebook in all of 2013 wasn't Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, or Kim Kardashian — it was none other than Pope Francis.

"While some of the people or topics featured on this year's global list need no introduction, like Pope Francis, others prompted us to dig a little deeper," Facebook said in a statement. "'Election' appeared in many languages, and was the second most mentioned term on Facebook worldwide in 2013. With high-profile national elections in countries like India, Kenya, Iran and Italy year, it's not a surprise to see it near the top of our list."

The royal baby also captured the attention of users around the world, coming in as the third most mentioned phrase on Facebook globally, followed by typhoon, Margaret Thatcher, and the Harlem Shake.

Twerking sensation Miley Cyrus also made the global top 10, along with the Boston Marathon, the Tour de France, and Nelson Mandela. Globally, 55 million people accumulated more than 115 million interactions related to the passing of Nelson Mandela, Facebook said.

Facebook also looked at the most popular life events people added to their Timelines in 2013. Users were busy in 2013 adding relationships, getting engaged and married, travelling and moving. When they weren't busy with those activities, users made time to catch up on Scandal, the most talked-about TV show of the year, and listen to Daft Punk's summer anthem Get Lucky, the most popular song played on Facebook via Spotify.

Facebook is also giving users a chance to reflect on their own important moments of 2012, with the addition of personalised Year in Review timelines. Users can revisit the biggest moments on their Facebook timeline this year by navigating to