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Nokia and Vuzix plotting Google Glass rival you might actually wear

Nokia and Vuzix have announced a potential breakthrough in smart eyewear at the Wearable Technology Expo in Los Angeles as murmurs of a new Google Glass rival begin to stir.

Developed in partnership with Nokia, the Vuzix Waveguide optics engine could be the first technology that will allow smart lenses to be integrated in standard spectacle frames.

The first product to feature Waveguide technology is set to be the M2000AR for Enterprise, a monocular augmented reality solution that will feature a 720p display and 1080p camera, as well as being ruggedised for use in industrial environments.

Vuzix has promised that the M2000R will be the first of a range of Waveguide-based products set to be unveiled in 2014, with the company confirming that the new offering will be demonstrated as CES next year - ITProPortal will of course be in attendance bringing you the best and most original stories from Las Vegas.

With interest in wearable devices intensifying by the day, news of a technology that potentially allows smart glass functionality to be integrated into High Street glasses will no doubt cause a stir.

One of the frequent criticisms levelled at vanguard AR devices like Google Glass is that they lack the fashion element necessary to appeal to the masses and prompt widespread adoption.