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Backblaze wants to solve your data backup conundrum

According to online backup company Backblaze, half of all people will lose data at some point during a single year, yet despite that 90 per cent still don't back up their data.

The single most quoted reason for the disparity was simply: "It's just too hard." Perplexed by the multiple options available, or perhaps just plain confused, users are leaving themselves open to the very real problem of losing their documents, contacts, photos and music rather than trying to grapple with the realities of backup disks and external hard drives.

Other options, however, do exist. Online backup systems are considerably simpler, sending created files to a data centre where they are securely stored until required again by the user. As Backblaze co-founder and CEO Gleb Budman told ITProPortal at his company's Californian offices: "At the instant moment that you decide you want to solve this backup problem, you can immediately get it done."

Backblaze, for example, is a software solution that - once downloaded - scans the entire computer, intelligently compressing and encrypting all data before sending it to the data centre to be safely stored. If a data loss incident occurs, the user can go to the company's website where a virtual version of the hard drive exists, ready to be manipulated and cherry picked for vital information.

Take music as an example. At 3MB per song, Backblaze could store 25 billion tracks in its data centres. As Budman says, "100 per cent of people should back up 100 per cent of their data – we're trying to make it easy for that to happen."

The fact that companies such as NASA and Red Bull have commissioned Backblaze's services likely testifies to the value of online backup software. Indeed, Budman recounts how he was contacted not long ago by the CIA because it wanted to know how to build cheap cloud storage as part of a "five year initiative to store a lot of data." We wonder what that could have been about.

Earlier this year, Backblaze made it into our list of seven useful online backup services and data storage.