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Thursday Threat Report: Chinese hackers hit the EU, an ASDA Facebook scam does the rounds, and scammers come out for Christmas

That's ASDA price – or is it?

A Facebook scam claiming to offer ASDA gift vouchers is duping thousands of users on the social networking site to promote online survey sites and even costing some money. Users of the site have been tricked into posting messages to their friends telling them about the £500 ASDA shopping voucher offer even though there are no vouchers available. Clicking on the link drives users to complete an online survey, which will funnel revenue to the orchestrators of the scam.

Kerching Ke3chang

A group of Chinese hackers reportedly infiltrated the computers of five European foreign ministries earlier this year. According to security firm FireEye, a total of nine machines were hacked by a collective dubbed Ke3chang, which distributed emails with infected attachments to snare its targets. This malware, which disguised itself as files detailing a possible intervention in Syria, was intended to attack figures that were to be involved in G20 discussions held in St Petersburg in September. The Syrian civil war was central to these talks.

'Tis the season to be wary...

We all hope for a joyous and fun-filled Christmas holiday season, but sometimes the work involved with the fun makes us a bit frantic. Between stringing up lights, sending out tens upon tens of Xmas cards, and shopping online for gifts, we may get frazzled enough to drop our guard. At least, that's what the scammers are hoping.

However, the good people at McAfee have assembled a nice visual reminder – something to help prevent us from getting fleeced this Christmas. Yes, you've probably heard some of this advice before, but now is a great time for a refresher course.