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Windows Azure gains Enterprise Random Password Manager

Lieberman Software has announced that its Enterprise Random Password Manager [ERPM] is now available on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud hosting platform and can be installed in just minutes.

The solution, which can be deployed in less than an hour, allows users to automatically find, manage and secure privileged identities that are stored within Azure or on-premises storage mediums.

ERPM works as a service platform that is capable of providing automation and programmatic orchestration of privileged credentials and other sensitive data generated on a massive scale in multi-tenant service provider and enterprise environments.

It has decided to extend its privileged identity management [PIM] to Windows Azure as it’s happy the cloud hosting platform is secure enough to cope with ERPM, as explained by Lieberman Software president and CEO Philip Lieberman.

“We’re extending privileged identity management to Windows Azure, because it is now secure enough to run ERPM and store the cryptographically sensitive ‘keys to the IT kingdom’ that are generated and managed by our product. Microsoft Azure not only delivers a highly trustworthy platform, it does so faster and at a lower price than on-premises solutions,” he said.

ERPM supports pre-built Azure images and PowerShell scripts meaning that a full ERPM environment can be installed within Azure and used with minimum interference from an operator. Due to this customers can use the Azure control panel to distribute components of the ERPM anywhere that an Azure data centre is located.

Lieberman decided to go with Windows Azure as its go-to-market public cloud platform due to it “worldwide deployment of data centres” and it will hope that teaming up with the Microsoft platform helps it achieve even more growth in 2014.