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BlackBerry leadership cull ousts two more senior executives

The reshuffling of BlackBerry’s battered workforce continues with news that two senior staff members will soon be leaving the smartphone manufacturer.

According to sources reporting to the Wall Street Journal, BlackBerry’s head of mergers and acquisitions, Chris Wormald, will end the year with a P45 under the Christmas tree. Meanwhile Rick Costanzo, the executive vice president of global sales, will be departing in early 2014.

It’s not clear whether these job losses are redundancies or voluntary, but they mark yet another tremor in the ranks of BlackBerry’s leadership team. Last month three other key executives bowed out of the company, which has been endeavouring to reverse its fortunes under the leadership of new CEO John Chen who took the helm in November.

Chen has adopted an aggressive policy of restructuring, informing employees upon his appointment last month that “things are going to get worse before they get better” and that “not all of you will be here” when the dust settles.

Indeed, these blows to the senior level of the company are mirrored in the rest of the workforce, with BlackBerry announcing in September that it would cull around 40 per cent of its workforce, a figure that stacks up to around 4,500 employees. The revelation sent the technology vultures circling, with Apple, Twitter and Intel swooping in to have their pick of laid-off BlackBerry workers.

However, the true picture of BlackBerry’s fortunes will become clear this Friday, when the company announces its third-quarter fiscal earnings. In the meantime, here's a look back at the highs and (mostly) lows of Blackberry's rotten 2013.