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New update promises "Do Not Disturb" mode to Pebble Smartwatches

Smartwatch maker Pebble has introduced a new firmware update that brings a few helpful features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Most notably, the latest version, PebbleOS v1.14, gives you more control over notifications. There's a new "Do Not Disturb" mode, for instance, which lets you block notifications for a set period of time. You can also now switch all alerts off but keep phone calls enabled.

Finally, the update should make it quicker and easier to change your notification preferences. Pebble added a dedicated notifications menu under Settings, from which you can access the new Do Not Disturb feature and other options.

Besides that, the latest version boasts improved alarm functionality, letting you create multiple alarms, toggle alarms on and off, and edit existing alarms. There's also a new "Snooze Alarm," which is customisable via the Pebble Alarms app.

The update also promises to make your Pebble work better with Apple's iOS.

"Notifications are now sent more quickly from your iOS device to Pebble," the company wrote in a blog post. "After exiting Airplane Mode, Pebble will now search for connectable iOS devices immediately, instead of waiting one minute."

Lastly, the update includes a number of bug fixes. One such issue caused the device to keep vibrating after dismissing or answering a phone call, Pebble said. It also addresses a problem that caused some Pebble users to experience dropped Bluetooth connections on iOS.

To update your Pebble firmware, simply open the Pebble app for iOS and Android to begin the process. For more, head over to Pebble's Support page.

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