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Rebtel allows remote top ups with new Sendly app

Swedish firm Rebtel has launched a new service that allows prepaid phones to be topped up remotely around in the world.

Sendly is a free service that is designed to let users send money to prepaid mobile subscribers in over 50 countries with a particular focus on emerging countries.

“Combined with our loyal base of existing customers, offering mobile top up as a service is a great opportunity to grow our company, and we expect it will mirror our success in the international calling market with a fair and honest approach that makes staying connected to family and friends much smoother,” stated Rebtel CEO Andreas Bernström.

The process is performed in three easy steps with the person sending the money first selecting a phone number imported from a contact list, then deciding how much credit should be sent to the person before confirming the payment and receiving confirmation immediately.

As mentioned earlier the new app is geared towards those that want to top up pay as you go [PAYG] devices and in particular mobile phone users residing in emerging countries where prepaid devices are the preferred choice of phone. Sendly is available to both Google Android and Apple iOS device owners with China, Mexico, India, Nigeria and the Philippines all countries where the service can be used.

“We know that the people who use our calling app the most are those with family and friends in other countries. With Sendly, we want to give millions of callers an easier and quicker way to provide their loved ones with credit to use on calls, texts and data,” stated Mans Ullerstam, product owners at Sendly.

Rebtel is the world’s largest independent VoiP provider with almost 24 million users on both Android and iOS, and is a distant second to Microsoft-owned Skype.