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Video on the role big data plays in solving complex security challenges

To aid in the detection of stealthy threats that can hide in the increasing mounds of data, IBM announced IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data, combining leading security intelligence with big data analytics capabilities for both external Cyber Security threats and internal risk detection and prevention. IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data provides a comprehensive approach that allows security analysts to extend their analysis well beyond typical security data and to hunt for malicious cyber activity The solution combines real-time correlation for continuous insight, custom analytics across massive structured data (such as security device alerts, operating system logs, DNS transactions and network flows) and unstructured data (such as emails, social media content, full packet information and business transactions), and forensic capabilities for evidence gathering. This combination helps organizations address the most vexing security challenges, including advanced persistent threats, fraud and insider threats. As a result, it assists clients in protecting sensitive information assets and reducing the risk of financial loss, compliance violations and reputational damage.