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World’s cheapest tablet hits UK for just £30

UK consumers are in for a cheap treat as a tablet computer costing just £30 is set to hit the shops and in the process significantly undercut the budget offerings currently on offer.

The “world’s cheapest tablet” is the UbiSlate 7Ci that is manufactured by Datawind and was previously made for an Indian government education scheme and comes with a set of apps that befit a tablet costing just £29.99.

"With recent ONS figures showing that in the UK, 29% of the poorest households have no computer and 36% no internet, we’re working to bring affordable technology to the hundreds of thousands of households excluded from the digital revolution”, Datawind’s chief executive Suneet Singh Tuli told The Guardian.

The cheapest tablet in the range of three is the Ubislate 7Ci that comes with a 7in touch screen display with a capacitive resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 4GB of storage space and a microSD slot that allows expansion up to 32GB.

It has a Cortex A8 processor clocked at 1GHz and 512MB of RAM with the tablet running on Google Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and Wi-Fi connectivity coming as part of the package. The device comes with a glut of apps preinstalled that includes those designed for education, entertainment, gaming and productivity.

The tablet is part of a range that includes two other tablets. The UbiSlate 7C+ is £70 and adds 3G data connectivity into the mix with the top of the range UbiSlate 3G7 benefiting from a higher resolution screen and a faster processor all for £130. The two more expensive tablets also come with one year of unlimited basic mobile Internet.

Datawind originally produced the Aakash tablet for the Indian government in an attempt to equip universities and colleges with an ultra-low cost tablet offering. The version set to hit the UK market is the Aakash 2 that followed the Aakash that was originally shipped to Indian students in 2012.

Image Credit: Datawind.