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Amazon buys Gopago for "ambitious" mobile payment project

Looks like Amazon has just plunged its sticky finger into yet another pie, with Italian newspapers reporting that the Internet giant has just acquired a new mobile payments startup, Gopago.

Gopago is a mobile app that gives consumers the chance to pay for their goods before picking them up at a store. Customers benefit from easy shopping on the go, and retailers sit pretty on a new point-of-sale system in their arsenal.

According to Italian press, Gopago was founded in 2009 by Vincenzo di Nicola and Leo Rocco. Born in Italy, the duo are now taking advantage of Silicon Valley’s rich resources to nurture their fledgling business, while investors such as JP Morgan Chase administer some much-needed cash injections.

Allegedly, Google also showed interest in the startup but Amazon pipped it to the post with a deal whose terms have not yet been disclosed. According to di Nicola, the magnet drawing in the big names (and bucks) is Gopago’s unique technology, which will now become the heart of an “ambitious” new project.

But what is this ambitious project? Amazon recently launched their “Log In And Pay With Amazon” service that competes with companies like PayPal by providing a digital wallet option to customers which allows them to pay for purchases in one click. Perhaps Amazon’s acquisition of Gopago is an attempt to connect the dots between mobile and desktop commerce.

What's clear is that mobile technology is shaking up the payments industry, and Amazon clearly wants to be at the epicentre of that quake.

In the meantime, di Nicola says he’s going to have a little rest (“Intanto un bel po’ di riposo.”)

With all that Amazon may have in store, looks like he’ll need it.