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Amazon makes Kinesis available to public

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced that its real-time data analysing cloud service Kinesis is now available for all customers.

Amazon claims that using Kinesis, a customer "can store and process terabytes of data an hour from hundreds of thousands of sources," which makes it easy to write applications that take action on real-time data.

This data can include "web site click-streams, marketing and financial transactions, social media feeds, logs and metering data, and location-tracking events," according to the web giant.

"To date, most big data processing has been done through batch-oriented approaches such as those used by Hadoop," Amazon said in a statement.

"Since these systems store and process data in batches, they aren't able to support applications that need to process streaming feeds of rapidly changing data in real time."

"When we set out to build Amazon Kinesis, we wanted to eliminate the cost, effort, and expertise barriers that have prevented our customers from processing streaming data in real-time," said Terry Hanold, Vice President, Cloud Commerce, AWS.

"We've gotten great feedback from our preview customers, and it's inspiring to see the innovative ways customers are using Amazon Kinesis, across applications as diverse as gaming, mobile, advertising, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, and financial services."

One of AWS's Kinesis-users, the Finland-based social games developer Supercell, have also issued a glowing review of the new service.

Sami Yliharju, Services Lead at Supercell said: "We are using Amazon Kinesis for real-time delivery of game insight data sent by hundreds of our game engine servers. Amazon Kinesis enables our business-critical analytics and dashboard applications to reliably get the data streams they need, without delays. Amazon Kinesis also offloads a lot of developer burden in building a real-time, streaming data ingestion platform, and enables Supercell to focus on delivering games that delight players worldwide."

Kinesis was released in preview last month at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.