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Apple reveals Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga as best mobile apps of 2013

Apple has announced its Best of 2013 iTunes list, awarding language learning app Duolingo and Disney's Disney Animated this year's top honours.

The 'Best of iTunes' charts for 2013 revealed the best sellers in its iTunes Store, which includes the App Store and iBookstore, as well as the awards for editor's choice.

The naming of Duolingo as the iPhone's 'App of the Year' comes barely a year after it launched. Last month it was recognised by ITProPortal as one of the "top 25 must-have free iPhone apps". Disney Animated was named by Apple as the 'App of the Year' for the iPad.

The most popular apps proved to be games, making up all 10 of the top paid for apps. "Free-to-play" apps – which make their money through in-app purchases – featured heavily across all charts.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition proved to be the top selling apps in the UK, while Candy Crush Saga was the top grossing app. Most of the success of Minecraft's venture into the app-world can be put down to its popularity with children, despite that not being the original intention of its creators.

"This wasn't planned to be a kid's game from the beginning, and it's still not planned to be a kids game! It's a happy accident," Daniel Kaplan, business developer at Minecraft makers Mojang, told the Guardian.

"When we design the game, we're not thinking 'how do children react to this?'. But maybe their big brother or sister plays it, and they want to be a part of that too. There wasn't really a specific plan for this to happen though."