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Google Glass update enables photos in a ‘wink of the eye’

A new feature has been introduced to Google Glass that allows users to take photos using the wearable tech simply by winking.

Google has called the latest version of its smartglasses XE12, which is also now able to upload videos to Youtube and lock the screen to prevent unwanted people from using the device.

"Just like with your laptop or phone, no one can use your locked Glass until you enter your secret Glass handshake using taps and swipes," Google said in a blogpost.

The ability to take photos by simply winking is an idea that Google hopes to develop in the future for use in other applications, as part of the firm's philosophy of allowing people to experience the world "without getting bogged down in technology".

"We're starting with pictures, but just think about what else is possible," Google said. "Imagine a day where you're riding in the back of a cab and you just wink at the meter to pay. You wink at a pair of shoes in a shop window and your size is shipped to your door. You wink at a cookbook recipe and the instructions appear right in front of you – hands-free, no mess, no fuss."

The new features will be incorporated into Google Glass 2, which was launched last month to developers and "Glass Explorers" in the US. The latest device works with specific prescription lenses and features a mono earbud for listening to music through +Google Play.