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Survey reveals security is biggest obstacle to cloud adoption

Almost two thirds of companies cite security concerns as the main reason preventing them from moving their organisations to the cloud, according to a recent survey.

The cloud adoption survey conducted by storage provider Avere Systems found that 60 per cent of conference attendees at November's AWS re:invent conference said that the main barriers to them moving to the cloud were security concerns (60 per cent), organisational resistance (53 per cent) and performance issues (29 per cent).

"Avere has prided itself with consistently bringing solutions to market that allow customers to leverage a variety of storage, including cloud, without sacrificing performance, availability or security of data," said Rebecca Thompson, vice president of marketing at Avere Systems.

"However, there are still people and process challenges that impede cloud adoption, as legacy storage vendors — with no suitable solutions — have driven fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of customers."

With the issue at the forefront of many company's agendas, cloud security services are expected to accelerate in the next few years. Last month, research firm Gartner predicted the cloud-based security services market to reach $2.1 billion [£1.3 billion] by the end of 2013, rising to $3.1 billion [£1.9 billion] by 2015.

Avere System's survey revealed that 90 per cent of attendees planned to use the cloud for compute, storage or application purposes within the next two to five years.

"It's incumbent upon emerging market leaders like Avere, and our ecosystem of partners, to educate end-users on the myths and fallacies of cloud use and streamline the transition so that companies are able to fully see the capital and operational benefits of this new shift in storage and compute," Thompson said.