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Google releases MyGlass app for iOS

Google Glass is more useful than ever to iPhone and iPad users after Google announced it has launched the MyGlass app on iOS.

The new app gives Apple device users the chance to receive turn-by-turn directions to the Glass headset and the ability to screencast video from the device back to the iPhone or iPad for the first time.

iPhone and iPad users can also manage contacts, add Glassware apps and send messages using Google Hangouts, though support to send text messages using Google Glass and an iPhone or iPad is still not available.

Google Glass for iOS still lags behind the Android version in that iPhone and iPad owners can only connect to the Internet by turning on the Portable Hotspot on their smartphone or tablet. Android smartphone owners, meanwhile, can take the device online by connecting to the Internet through a Bluetooth connection with the phone.

Any Apple device owners looking to take advantage of the new partnership are also reminded to download the latest version of iOS 7 in order to use the app and all its capabilities.

Google is already on to the second version of its Glass device with the new version released in October. It added support for prescription glasses for the first time since its initial release in April 2012 and features a mono earbud to listen to music through Google Play.

Apple device owners that don’t already own the Google Glass are reminded that they have to first be invited to join the Explorer Program before shelling out $1,500 [£932] for the device itself.

Google constantly updates the Glass device with various new features added at every turn, the latest of which is the ability for owners of the wearable technology to take a photo by simply winking.