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IBM completes cloud deals across Asia and Europe

IBM has completed a number of deals to expand its cloud presence across Asia and Europe as it rounds off a busy year for its cloud services.

The company signed four deals in total with different partnerships in China, India, Greece and Croatia that involve the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+, SoftLayer, Digital Experience software, and Flex Systems.

In China, IBM has signed an agreement with 21Vianet Group to provide the firm’s carrier neutral Internet Data Centre [IDC] with the SmartCloud Enterprise+ service that will speed up private cloud adoption. The deal sees IBM provide the physical point of distribution and service whereas 21Vianet lays on the point of distribution facility at its data centre in Beijing, which is China’s largest carrier neutral facility.

“Our clients, the pillars of China’s economy, will see IBM further accelerating its efforts around driving innovation in China with enhanced IBM cloud offerings as a platform. We are setting a new benchmark for cloud computing performance in China,” said Laurie Tropiano, General Manager of GTS, IBM GCG.

Also in Asia, IBM is teaming up with Kasbah Systems Software to provide Indian universities with a service that helps universities to manage student services using cloud analytics. Kasbah will host its Genius University Management System on IBM SoftLayer that handles both administration and management from admission to graduation covering the country’s 600 universities and 33,000 colleges.

“As a developer of innovative solutions for the educational industry, we needed higher-value cloud capabilities to further enhance our offering that were reliable and enabled us to scale in a secure environment. The IBM SoftLayer cloud helps us make Genius UMS more cost-effective and easy to implement and use,” stated S. Rajiv, executive director of Kasbah Systems Software.

Over in Europe IBM and Greek bank Eurobank have developed a new cloud-based platform that allows online international commercial trading that leverages IBM’s Digital Experience software. The ExportGate solution will allow exporters and importers across the globe to connect with others and make it easier to enhance trade in the process.

Lastly IBM has agreed to deploy its Flex Systems cloud infrastructure to Terrakom’s Croatian clients that include everyone from retail chains and insurance firms to universities and individuals. The partnership will see Flex Systems provide public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure to Terrakom’s clients and at the same time help it to enter new market segments.

“Earlier this year, we entered a market segment which is new for us – managed server and web hosting services,” said Andrej Kalanovic, a member of the management board at Terrakom. “To tap the growth opportunities in this area, and after a thorough testing process, we selected IBM Flex System. We put a special focus on IBM’s advanced system management features, energy and space savings. With the new IT infrastructure, we reduced our hardware inventory by 60 percent and increased our efficiency by 35 percent.”