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Nokia Moneypenny leak hints at dual-SIM Windows Phone

Codenames are no longer restricted to the world of MI5. Taking their cues from James Bond, the new Windows 8.1 smartphones have been dubbed Goldfinger and Moneypenny respectively.

However, unlike its covert fictional counterpart who avoids the spotlight at all costs, the Moneypenny handset has been caught on camera and the leaked screenshots have inevitably surfaced online.

The popular phone tipster, @evleaks, posted a screenshot of the Nokia Moneypenny that reveals the Windows Phone is likely to boast dual-SIM functionality. Two signal bar readers are clearly visible in the screenshot's upper left hand corner and, notably, the screenshot suggests that the device will support 3G connectivity on both SIMS.

Not only that, the leak also clearly displays the Live Tiles on Moneypenny's start screen. Two are dedicated to messages and another two to calls, yet again demonstrating dual-SIM functionality. In addition, there is a Live Tile for Nokia MixRadio, HERE Maps, Internet Explorer, Photos, SkyDrive, Microsoft Office, Instagram, Asphalt 8 and Vine app for Windows Phone.

The leak also indicates that the new Windows 8.1 smartphone will include on-screen navigation control buttons for Start, Search and Back. Until now these have been part of capacitive touch buttons, but if the screenshot is not mistaken, it would seem that Microsoft is planning to get rid of capacitive buttons altogether.

Elsewhere, another handset named the Nokia Goldfinger is said to be in production which, out of the two Windows 8.1 smartphones, would be the higher-end device with 3D touch technology.

Back in November 2013, HTC launched a revamped HTC One with dual-SIM functionality that appealed to business professionals to find BYOD solutions. There is not yet word on a launch date for either of the Nokia handsets.