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App downloads set festive record despite maturing market

App downloads set a new record over the Christmas period despite the fact that the increase has slowed dramatically compared with past years as the app market matures.

Data from Flurry showed that app downloads on Christmas Day increased by 11 per cent year-on-year compared to the previous year with the average day in December seeing a 25 per cent increase in downloads. In Christmas 2012 the amount of downloads on Christmas Day increased by 90 per cent with the average day in December showing a 97 per cent increase.

“The slowing growth rates and smaller Christmas Day app download spike signal market maturation. Many consumers in Western Europe and English-speaking countries already have a smartphone and/or a tablet. Fewer people are coming online with mobile for the very first time. Consumers who are on second, third or fourth devices have apps that they like and trust, and while they still download new apps, there isn’t much more impetus to do so on Christmas than any other day when they have a little downtime,” stated a Flurry blog post.

The blog post went on to state the biggest growth in mobile is in countries that don’t celebrate Christmas or in territories where it’s seen as a less significant holiday and as a result device activations as well as downloads come at different times of the year. To reach the figures Flurry looked at 400,000 of the world’s most popular apps that it is constantly tracking.

Even with these figures the worldwide app market continues to grow when it comes to net worth and is expected to reach some $143 billion [£86.5 billion] by 2016, according to figures reported by Vision Mobile. Those are based on the market being worth $68 billion [£41 billion] in 2012 and then growing at a compound annual growth rate [CAGR] of 28 per cent in the ensuing years.