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BlackBerry CEO: BBM to become revenue stream in coming years

BlackBerry CEO John Chen hopes to one day make money from BBM as he continues to champion the firm’s path as it enters 2014.

Chen, in an article he penned for CNBC, again stated that the company will be focusing on stabilising the business as a whole and working on a strategy that builds on the firm’s “core strengths” to create a firm well positioned for the future.

“We've accomplished a great deal in these last couple months, and we're positioned for the long haul. We have a strong cash position with more than $3 billion [£1.82 billion] on hand, a renewed spirit, and trusted technology, network and platform. I believe BlackBerry has a clear lane ahead of us to create new trails as a nimbler, more agile competitor,” Chen stated.

His confidence comes from the firm’s new operating structure that is solely focused on those core areas, which comprise enterprise, messaging, QNX and the company’s ailing hardware business. Enterprise is the area that Chen is most buoyant about and he even used the article to have dig at BlackBerry’s opponents by stating firms should not “be fooled by the competition's rhetoric claiming to be more secure or having more experience than BlackBerry."

When it comes to BBM, Chen added that in the last 60 days over 40 million new iOS and Android users have signed up to use the service and that it plans to continue investing in the service in the hope it will eventually bring the company new revenue.

“Our popular messaging service, BBM, is also renowned in regulated industries for being the most secure mobile-messaging service, and consumers love it, too,” Chen said. “We will continue to invest in this popular service and build out its features and channels, with plans to turn it into a revenue stream in the coming years.”

BBM was released for Android and iOS users earlier this year and after some teething problems early on it has become a popular messaging app whilst Chen will hope the remainder of the company will slow turn in the same direction.