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Apple iPhone users are smarter, says study

What is the total number of positive integral factors of 60 (to the 5th power)? You don't know? Well, you must be a BlackBerry owner.

Those among you now flinching in horror, protesting that you don't even put blackberries in your crumble let alone your smartphone shopping list, you can take all your complaints to Ladbrookes.

The British betting company has released results of a study that claims those who own iPhones are smarter compared to those who have another branded smartphone nestled in their back pocket.

BlackBerry users, meanwhile, scored lowest in what is sure to have been a rigorous intellectual assessment involving mental cartwheels through a spiked pit of questions cherry picked from CPA and SAT exams. Well, that's not strictly true – all we've got to go on is that the 1,000 participants were asked a series of questions involving problem solving, pattern recognition and other brain teasers, as well as what smartphone they use.

There really is no other grounding in Ladbrookes' claim other than the results of their specific test show that iPhone owners had a quicker average completion time of just 94 seconds compared to BlackBerry's 118.

Given that there was no penalty for wrong answers, however, and that users could keep button mashing until they got the right one, the results should be taken not so much with a pinch of salt as the entire shaker.

Alysia Judge
Alysia Judge

Alysia is a multi-talented freelance filmmaker, presenter, and writer. She's worked with and created content for Netflix UK, IGN, BAFTA, the Guardian, the BBC, and has written for sites like IT Pro Portal GamesRadar, IGN, and more. She also works with UK gaming body, UKIE.