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Google axes Bump and Flock file-sharing apps

The Bump and Flock sharing apps will be removed from the App Store and Google Play as of 31 January, Bump Technologies announced on New Year's Eve.

"After this date, neither app will work, and all user data will be deleted," Bump said in a blog post.

Bump was acquired by Google in September. At the time, Bump said its Bump and Flock apps "will continue to work as they always have for now," but warned users to "stay tuned for future updates."

Bump is now "deeply focused on our new projects within Google," so the apps must go.

Users have 30 days to download their information. "Open either app and ... follow the instructions for exporting your data," Bump said. "You'll then receive an email with a link containing all of your data (photos, videos, contacts, etc) from Bump or Flock."

Bump is best known for its mobile app of the same name that lets users share data like contacts by simply tapping their phones together. A May 2012 update added the ability to "magically" move photos from their phone to computer.

Flock, meanwhile, landed on iOS in June 2012 and on Android six months later. It was designed so that users don't have to think about sending photos to family or friends after a get together. It recognises the photos on your phone that were taken with family or friends, then automatically brings all the photos from each person's phone together into a single album and shares it with everyone.

"In many ways, Bump was a revolutionary product that inspired many subsequent advances and helped push the world forward. We hope our new creations at Google will do the same," David Lieb, CEO and cofounder of Bump, said this week.

This is not the first app to be shut down following a Google acquisition. Services like Meebo and Wavii have also said goodbye after being purchased by the search giant.

Image: Flickr (mariachily)