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Internet Explorer 11 usage triples in a month

Microsoft Internet Explorer [IE] 11 usage has tripled in a month with the newest version now the third most popular edition of the world’s number one browser.

Data from Net Applications reported by TNW (opens in new tab) showed an increase of 7.15 percentage points between November and December as it grew from 3.27 per cent to 10.42 per cent of the total web browser market.

Much of this was down to an automatic update for IE10 that saw its market share decline from 17.5 per cent to 11.05 per cent and by January it’s expected that IE11 will move into second place among Microsoft’s slew of IE versions.

It still trails far behind IE8 that has a 20.64 per cent share of the market and, even though it dropped 1.10 percentage points, it remains the most popular web browser in the world.

IE9, the fourth most popular version, dropped by 0.29 points to 8.96 per cent whereas IE7 managed to gain 0.80 points to reach 2.14 per cent. IE6, meanwhile, continued its descent with a 0.49 per cent drop to 4.43 per cent.

Combining all of the IE versions together gives it an unassailable lead at the head of the worldwide browser market with its 57.91 per cent market share outstripping all other browsers put together.

Mozilla Firefox is still its closest challenger with 18.35 per cent of the global browser market and its users are split across Firefox 26 [6.6 per cent], Firefox 25 [7.48 per cent], and Firefox old [4.27 per cent].

Closely trailing it in third place is Google Chrome with a 16.22 per cent share of the market with most people using Chrome 31 [12.88 per cent] and the remainder split across Chrome 30 [0.45 per cent] and Chrome old [2.89 per cent].

Apple’s Safari browser lags far back on 5.82 per cent and Opera accounting for 1.33 per cent with other browsers sweeping up 0.37 per cent of the market.

Jamie Hinks

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