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iOS 7 adoption reaches 78% with iOS 6 losing out

Over three quarters of all Apple devices capable of running iOS 7 are now doing so with the total number using either iOS 7 or 6 sitting at 96 per cent.

Platform distribution statistics released by the Cupertino-based firm show that 78 per cent of all iOS devices are running iOS 7 with just 18 per cent still soldiering on with iOS 6 and the remaining four per cent of devices running earlier versions of iOS due to lack of support for iOS 7 or 6.

The figures cover a seven-day period leading up to 29 December 2013 and will include devices that were received over the busy festive period. iOS 7 gained most of its users from iOS 6 with the four per cent increase from early December transferring directly from iOS 6, which lost four per cent over the same time frame.

Apple first released iOS 7 back in September and it was inundated with requests for the new version as soon as it was released and the influx of new users led to slow download times and errors.

In the opening 24 hours following its release it was running on more then 18 per cent of iOS devices in North America, which was significantly higher than the previous record set by iOS 6, which was installed on 14.8 per cent of devices on its first day.

Most of Apple’s users have installed one of the two latest versions of iOS, which is in stark contrast to the fragmentation present on its main rival Android’s operating system.

Google’s own figures released in December showed that 54.5 per cent of Android devices are running Jelly Bean [versions 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3] with the new version, Android 4.4 KitKat, on just 1.1 per cent of devices.

A large number of Android devices are still running older versions of the OS with Gingerbread [2.3] installed on 24 per cent of devices and Ice Cream Sandwich [4.0] on 18 per cent.