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Startup to offer Google Glass prescription lenses after CES

Google Glass prescription lenses will start pre-orders shortly after the Consumer Electronics Show [CES] 2014 with a start-up set to start selling the much-anticipated add-ons.

The price of the lenses, which have been developed by Rochester Optical, will start at $99 [£60] and increase according to the prescription strength and if the owner wants to apply tinted lenses, transitions or other options, stated a report on Slash Gear.

Rochester’s solution will differ from Google’s own prescription Glass solution in that it will involve some sort of frame as opposed to Google’s clear plastic shield that simply clips onto the Glass nosepiece.

The pricing news comes after a questionnaire released by the same firm last week revealed various other details as to what we can expect from Rochester’s solution.

It included details on colour and style that will not only match the shades that Google Glass offers but also extend to other hues such as purple, yellow, pink or custom finishes. When it comes to shape the questionnaire stated that “Cat Eye” and “geek-chic” styles will be available and Rochester has still yet to reveal how it will actually attach the Glass its prescription lenses.

Google announced it would be adding support for prescription lenses to its Glass wearable technology when it revealed the Google Glass 2 back in October. The new version of Google Glass, which costs $1,500 [£932], also includes a mono earpiece with those that already have the device able to swap out for the new version.

Rochester plans to release more details on the product shortly after CES 2014 with lenses being delivered not long after pre-orders have been placed this month. Google, on the other hand, is expected to showcase its version early in the New Year before Explorers can take advantage of the option shortly afterwards.