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Do you have a great idea for a web app? 1&1 could help

Now more than ever, the hosting industry has experienced a strong consumer demand for credible third-party application integrations within business websites.

In order to satisfy this need, 1&1 is reaching out to the developer community for the opportunity to contribute to the 1&1 MyWebsite web app library, which has hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

How does it work?

1&1 Web Apps can be integrated into a 1&1 MyWebsite through a simple drag-and-drop interface. No programming experience is required. They allow our customers to embed various amounts of content to their website.

The 1&1 development partner portal gives developers the opportunity to further develop and market an application to 1&1's user base. Through a strategic partnership, developers have the chance to work with the 1&1 to further develop and publicise their app concepts while gaining visibility to 1&1 MyWebsite customers.

Whether you have already developed a reputable app or are a private developer working on a new idea, the programme takes developers through a three step process to gain new customers.

1&1 provides assistance by providing a partner with a software development kit or SDK. Developed with a high level of standardisation, the SDK makes all App solution integrations as easy as possible so the solution fits perfectly to the MyWebsite product.

1&1 will then add it within the 1&1 App Catalogue, at no cost to the developer. Once in the catalogue, the app is visible and available to an already extensive and growing customer base.

What are the benefits to developers?

Collaboration with a Web host such as 1&1 gives developers' programs direct access to thousands of customers with little to no investment – depending on the level of development support needed. Partnering with a credible Web host such as 1&1 increases the app's reach and visibility among DIY and hosting users, which in turn leads to overall increased profits and business success.

It also provides programmers with the ability to develop Web Apps using SDK documentation and design style guides in accordance with 1&1's requirements.

If a partner does not have the time or ability to fully develop the application on their own, 1&1 helps the partner by connecting them to a development agency which is highly skilled in developing MyWebsite Apps. An App can be further worked on with the help of an experienced 1&1 Web developer.

1&1's developer partner program is suited to developers of all levels – whether starting from scratch or looking to increase the visibility of a pre-existing application. To begin a partnership with 1&1, a developer needs to submit their App concept to the 1&1 team via the developer partner portal.

Richard Stevenson is head of PR for 1&1 Internet Ltd.