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DreamWorks teams up with Fuhu to create Android tablet for kids

It looks like animation studio DreamWorks is waking up to the opportunities of the tablet market, having partnered with children's tablet manufacturer Fuhu to design an Android tablet specifically for kids.

The 8in DreamTab will reportedly cost under $300 (£182) and has opened a door for the film company to integrate characters from classic films into a technological environment.

Nancy Bernstein, an animation producer at DreamWorks, told the New York Times that customers can expect to see their favourite characters pop up at specific moments. It means that no longer will parents have to argue with their children to turn off their tablet in time for dinner: thanks to a handy parental timing lock, Shrek will pop up on screen and tell their child for them.

All these original "character moments" will be updated regularly and automatically arrive on DreamTabs so that the interaction doesn't become stale. In addition, all content is being produced in-house, including drawing lessons from DreamWorks animators courtesy of a professional-level stylus.

Fuhu has previously partnered with Toys R Us to create the Nabi range of tablets, designed specifically for “kiddified” web browsing with simplified specs bolstering a wide selection of educational games and apps.

But DreamWorks claims the DreamTab isn't just a toy. The tablet will allegedly be packed with beefed up hardware that according to its creators will provide roughly the same computing power as an iPad.

DreamWorks has pencilled in a launch date as sometime “this spring”, heralding the DreamTab’s arrival with a range of DreamWorks branded accessories, headphones and cases alongside a larger version with a 12in display.