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IBM and Technicolor launch IoT and M2M cloud solution ahead of CES 2014

IBM is teaming up with Technicolor to launch a cloud-based monitoring and management service to handle the Internet of Things [IoT] and machine-to-machine [M2M] services at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2014 [CES].

The Virdata solution uses device and application monitoring and management services that include real-time and historical big data analytics stacks with several implementations being demonstrated at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

“Technicolor’s foray into services that enable businesses to conduct faster and more thorough analysis of big data and apply that information is a logical extension of our commitment to develop innovative solutions to address the expanding digital market and to leverage existing assets for scale or access to broader ecosystems,” said Vince Pizzica, Senior Executive Vice President, President of Corporate Partnerships and Ventures, Technicolor.

IBM and Technicolor are mainly focused on delivering IoT and M2M services to the consumer electronics market as well as helping to create plenty of other opportunities on a worldwide basis.

As well as consumer electronics industry the other industries being targeted are automotive, utilities, health, industrial automation and retail. It will operate as a pay-as-you-go solution and take advantage of IBM’s SoftLayer cloud capabilities that will let clients benefit from elastic and scalable services.

SoftLayer works as an infrastructure-as-a-service [IaaS] offering to various customers and will provide Virdata with a reliable platform from which to run its cloud native workload.

Virdata’s approach to handling IoT and M2M services is based on “emerging cloud native technologies” and the solution’s cloud-agnostic architecture allows public or other IaaS providers the chance to use private or hybrid implementation options.

Two companies that it is already working with as application partners are Nexstep, a customer care application, and Olea Sensor Networks, which is developing a disruptive wireless heart sensor and accompanying analytics.

A number of implementations will be demonstrated at including utilising on board diagnostics to look at performance data in a connected car, and tracking patient data with a heart-rate monitor.