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Rumour: 4.7in and 5.7in iPhones on the way

Apple could release two larger screened iPhones later this year as the wait for a phablet made by the company gets even closer.

A report from a page on Chinese social network Weibo quotes numerous Foxconn sources as stating that Apple will release a 4.7in and 5.7in version of the iPhone later this year and both devices will come equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Rumours that Apple will opt to release a phablet-sized device have been doing the rounds for some time with reports in June stating that it was “exploring” 4.7in and 5.7in iPhones after suppliers had been approached with plans for the larger screen sizes.

This was followed in September by rumours that the company was testing screen sizes ranging from 4.8in up to 6in, according to Apple component suppliers, and that a phablet-sized device would be the iPhone 6.

To put things into perspective Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S, has a 4in screen with a 1,136 x 640 resolution Retina display that lags behind almost all of its rivals that have screen sizes of between 4.5in and 5in.

The iPhone 5S was also the first time that Apple included a fingerprint scanner on its smartphone and it allows users to securely lock and unlock the device without the need to enter a PIN number.

At the same time as the iPhone 5S it released the iPhone 5C in a range of vibrant colours with many observers at the time speculating that it did so to try and corner the lucrative Chinese market.

In terms of the phablet-sized device, if Apple’s usual release cycle is followed it will mean it sees the light of day at some point later in 2014 with September or October likely to be the preferred month.