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T-Mobile CEO John Legere resolves to 'Transform' wireless in 2014

Rarely do people accomplish all of their New Year's resolutions. But most people aren't T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who on New Year's Day tweeted a photo of his completed 2013 pledges, alongside a number of resolutions for the new year.

Legere, who met his goal to "shake up the wireless industry" last year, is hoping to continue his reign by "transforming the wireless industry" in 2014.

"Let the transformation begin!" he wrote in a 1 January tweet, highlighting his ideas about customer service, 4G LTE, snagging new users, CES 2014, and giving AT&T a break — "or not."

The "un-carrier" made waves last year when it ditched traditional wireless contracts. Then, over the summer, the company also unveiled its "Jump" trade-in program, allowing for early device upgrades every six months. As of early November, the carrier garnered more than 2.2 million Jump enrollments, ending the quarter with a total 45 million users and $6.69 billion (£4 billion) in revenue.

But Legere didn't stop there. This Autumn, T-Mobile announced that it would provide all users with 200MB of free 4G LTE data each month with the purchase of a new tablet.

But now that the ball has dropped and the calendar year has started over, the CEO has more new ideas. His to-do list (pictured above) includes some lofty goals:

"Continue to remove customer pain points""4G LTE — go faster, go LOUD""Unshackle the family from those other guys""Make waves at CES 2014""Give AT&T a break ... or not"

Though Legere seems confident that his company will roll into 2015 with checkmarks next to each of those ideas, he doesn't reveal exactly how he plans to execute any of them.

Legere's list does not mention the rumours about Sprint buying T-Mobile. A late 2013 report suggested that the two companies would merge at some point this year, but nothing has been announced.

T-Mobile did not immediately respond to a request for comment.