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Today's Tech: Coinye West coming soon, FireEye buys Mandiant, and the NSA tries to build a quantum computer


Security firm FireEye has purchased fellow security company Mandiant, which specialises in responding to network breaches, for $1.05 billion (£640 million).

The news led to FireEye's share prices increasing by 24 per cent in the hours following the announcement. The merger represents one of the biggest acquisitions in the recent history of cyber security.


Facebook is the latest firm to face a class action lawsuit after being accused of violating state and federal privacy laws by reading the private messages of its users.

The social network's New Year celebrations were dampened after two men filed a complaint on the 31 December in San Francisco. The claim accuses Facebook of covertly scanning users' private message inboxes for any links to external websites. By doing so, Facebook allegedly increases traffic to those sites through ads and thus ingratiates itself with advertisers.

Coinye West

A new Bitcoin-style cryptocurrency is set to hit the Internet on 11 January, taking its name from hip-hop superstar Kanye West. Coinye West is the latest in a slew of digital currencies seeking to get a piece of the Bitcoin pie for themselves. While some, like Litecoin and Namecoin, are doing well for themselves, others, such as Dogecoin (which is based on a Reddit-beloved Internet meme) have been taken less seriously. Only time will tell which camp Coinye West will fall into...

Quantum entanglement

According to new documents released by Edward Snowden, the NSA has been trying to build a quantum computer, with the aim of rendering all modern encryption methods useless.

This massive leap in computing power would make the so-called brute force guessing of complex encryption keys much more feasible.

The research is part of a $79.7 million (£48.4 million) research programme called "Penetrating Hard Targets," which itself forms part of the programme ominously called "Owning the Net."