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CES 2014: Sony unveils ‘life logging’ wristband and app

Sony has announced a new wearable device and app that is able to track the activities of users and document them on a timeline.

The Lifelog app was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by Sony CEO Kunimasa Suzuki, who showed off how the software can keep track of when a user undertakes a task on a smartphone, such as sending a message or making a phone call.

Through a corresponding wristband called the Core, the Lifelog app is also able to measure the user's physical activities, like driving or running.

The Japanese electronics firm has already played down privacy concerns that might arise from such a device. Tech companies have recently been embroiled in the spying scandal that came from leaks by former National Security Agency contract worker Edward Snowden last June.

Documents concerning the practices of the NSA and other similar government organisations revealed that many major firms were forced to hand over user information that they held. Other revelations suggested that information was taken through back doors the companies were unaware of.

"Sony treats the security and privacy of our users' personal data with the utmost stringency and integrity, adhering to legalities and ensuring it remains protected under appropriate technological procedures," Sony told the BBC.

"Upon first sign-in to Lifelog app, we make it clear absolutely clear what data users are submitting, how it is being used and provide them with option of opting in or out before proceeding."