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How Perzo messaging could help you beat the NSA

ITProPortal spoke to encryption guru David Gurle about the future of Internet security, and what you can do to secure yourself and your business.

"Security and privacy is something we implicitly assume is there," David told us. "But it's not."

Check out our exclusive interview to find out how the revelations leaked about the NSA's PRISM spying programme have cracked the assumption of privacy that's kept much of the Internet in the dark over the last two decades.

Perzo uses one simple but unique technique to ensure that only you have access to your password and your data when sending emails and SMS. This means that even if the NSA comes and breaks down David's door, he can't do anything to hand over your information.

Find out what David learned from working alongside Bill Gates, why silos are bad for the Internet, and what's behind the next level of security innovation.

David Gurle is Founder & CEO of Perzo Inc, a secure email and SMS service.