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CES 2014: AMD squares up to Intel with Kaveri APU

Looks like AMD is hoping to wash away the competition with its new desktop APU. Named after a South Indian river, the Kaveri is AMD’s third-generation performance APU and was revealed at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

AMD prides itself on building APUs which combine speed with a streamlined desktop PC experience that caters to a wealth of customers, from hardworking home office owners to hard-core gamers and HD film buffs.

Kaveri is the company’s first APU to feature heterogeneous system architecture (HSA), and as such clearly carries a heavy weight of high hopes. HSA is an improved processor design that allows disparate computing elements to work together seamlessly, meaning Kaveri claims to offer up to 50 per cent more GPU and 20 per cent more CPU performance through a system of shared memory and heterogeneous queuing.

The semiconductor company’s most advanced APU ever, AMD has boasted that Kaveri will give vastly superior performance over competition. Indeed, on just the graphical power and gaming front, the company claims that the new A10-6900K and A10-7850K Kaveri models will outperform Intel’s Core i5 4670 K by 37 per cent and an eye watering 87 per cent respectively.

In system performance meanwhile, gains of 15 and 24 per cent have been touted.

If all this has you rubbing your hands in glee, the Kaveri APUs will reportedly be “on the shelf” from 14 January, with keen customers able to submit pre-orders from “select system builders” now.