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Lost your keys? That's no problem with the Goji smart lock

Keys are so 2013. With the Goji Smart Lock, you can get into your house with a few taps on a smartphone or click of a fob.

The Goji Smart Lock, now on display at CES in Las Vegas, lets users lock and unlock their front door with their smartphone or electronic fobs, give time-controlled access to others via a text message, and see who's at the door even when they're not behind it.

It also sends text messages when the lock is activated and archives all access.

Goji says it will begin shipping the lock in March; it retails for $278 (£169), or two for $525 (£320) and is now available for pre-order. The electronic fob is $40 (£24); two are $75 (£45).

Staples will be adding the Goji lock to Staples Connect, a platform that also supports lighting, climate control, and security gadgets from companies like Philips, GE, and Honeywell.

The Staples Connect Hub, powered by Linksys, will set you back $99 (£60).

Goji will work with iOS and Android phones, running over the phone's Internet connection or Bluetooth Low Energy, where supported. It's a global gadget; "just install your Goji and open an account to manage the access to your home from wherever you are," the company said.

Lookswise, the Goji Smart Lock is a simple circle that attaches over an existing keyhole on the outside of a door and a sleek rectangle with a deadbolt lock on the back of the door. The lock is available in silver, gold, and copper finishes.

As a backup, a manual key can still be used and should you lose your smartphone, there is round-the-clock support to disable your phone from accessing the lock.

Goji said its system is "compatible with most wood and metal doors that use deadbolts." In the event of a power outage, "your Goji will continue to lock and unlock the door as normal, but it will not send you any updates until the system comes back online," the company said. Check it out in action above.

The Goji seems to borrow its design a little from Nest Labs' smart thermostat, released last year.