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Should you stick your head (and business) in the cloud?

Dave LeClair was under the spotlight this week (two of them actually), when ITProPortal caught up with him to discuss the problems and respective solutions businesses are discovering when moving their organisation to the cloud.

As senior director of strategy and product management at Stratus Technologies, a company dedicated to pioneering high-availability private clouds, he is a voice of authority on the risks and benefits associated with moving a business into a cloud environment.

"The complexity of cloud systems is a concern," Dave tells us. "The availability and reliability of these systems is a concern. Things like maintaining compliance if you have regulatory requirements – all these are sometimes harder if you have a cloud environment."

So is there a solution? Watch our interview to hear straight from the horse's mouth how these problems can be solved, how you can easily implement cloud technology in your business and why Stratus Technology isn't just a one trick pony.

Finally, if you're still keen on keeping your head firmly in the cloud, you can also check out an article Dave wrote on overcoming the barriers to cloud adoption with software defined availability. (opens in new tab)

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