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Twitter co-founder launches question-answering app Jelly

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone left the company a while back, but today he has announced a new venture called Jelly. What is it? Jelly is an app that you can use to ask questions with pictures on your existing social networks. It has launched on both Android and iOS with a slick UI and interesting approach to social networking.

Jelly plugs into Facebook and/or Twitter to leverage your social network to answer questions. The experience is centred around pictures in Jelly. You snap a photo in the app, add some annotations, crop, and attach your question.

You could take a picture of a plant and ask people what species it is, or post a snapshot of a restaurant and ask what's good. The post will be available inside the Jelly app for your friends to answer.

Smartly, it isn't just your circle of friends that see your Jelly posts. It goes out to friends of friends too. Not only does that mean you'll have a higher chance of seeing an answer, but you can answer more questions yourself.

Jelly's main UI is a series of cards with questions. If you have an answer, you can draw on the image and type a response. If you don't know, just swipe down. If there are other answers already, you can swipe up to read them.

Jelly doesn't try to conform to the UI rules of either iOS or Android. The upshot being that it doesn't look like it favors either one and maintains a consistent UI. It does still feel native and responsive on both platforms, though.

It's designed for phones, but scales a little better to Android tablets than it does to the iPad. There's no telling if Jelly is going to survive or not, but it has some experienced people behind it.