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Apple iPhone 6 phablet-sized case in leaked photo

Leaked photos reported to be the next Apple iPhone have emerged that fuel rumours the upcoming smartphone will take on the form of a phablet.

Chinese news site C-Tech carries photos of a smartphone outer shell that is both a lot larger and much slimmer than the current iPhone 5S and the sizing shown in the blurry image marries up with recent rumours regarding the iPhone 6.

It’s only the second week of 2014 and the rumour mill surrounding what Apple will do with its next smartphone is already gathering pace ahead of what is likely to be a release in the autumn.

Earlier this week it was reported on Chinese social network Weibo that Apple will release two new versions of the iPhone later this year with one having a 4.7in screen and the other sporting a larger phablet-sized 5.7in display. Both devices will reportedly have the fingerprint scanner that found its way into Apple folklore on the iPhone 5S in September.

Reports of a larger screen iPhone have been flying for some time and it followed a similar report back in June that stated Apple was “exploring” 4.7in and 5.7in iPhones and suppliers had reportedly already been approached regarding this. By the time the iPhone 5S and 5C had been released in September new rumours had emerged that Apple component suppliers were testing screen sizes between 4.8in and 6in.

If Apple does decide to release a device with a larger screen it will pit the iPhone against most of its competitors that already have smartphones with screens between 4.5in and 5in, as well as many having a phablet to complement them.

Apple, meanwhile, has stuck to its guns with the 4in screen that has a 1,136 x 640 resolution Retina display and with no concrete leaks so far most will remain unmoved by the latest rumour.

Image Credit: The Register