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CES 2014: Q&A with Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside (video)

Motorola has gone from hero to zero and back to hero in the past few years. The maker of the original cell phone, Motorola hit a peak with the Razr 10 years ago, crashed during the touchscreen revolution, and has now returned as part of Google with two of the best smartphones of 2013: The Moto X – which was US-only last year, but we’re hoping might be announced for the UK next week – and of course the budget-friendly Moto G.

Quiet and confident rather than flashy, Woodside came in as Google's pick to head the pioneering smartphone maker. His background at Google included running the company's emerging-markets business and the US ad sales operation, gaining a global perspective but staying out of the mobile phone world.

"Quiet and confident" is probably how you can describe Motorola's new product line, too. The Moto X isn't the biggest or fastest Android phone out there. It's just the cleanest, most elegant, and most thoughtful, which has made it a cult object among mobile phone reviewers (myself included).

The Moto G, meanwhile, has completely upset the industry's idea of what a £150 Sim-free phone can be, with its impeccable build quality and sharp screen. These great products haven't translated into world-beating sales, though, leaving Woodside with more work to do in 2014.

I caught up with Woodside at CES 2014. See what he has to say about Google, Android spec battles, low-cost LTE phones, and more in the video above.