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CES 2014: Smartphone stun guns, tricorders and thermal image cameras on show

Companies at the Consumer Electronics Show have been showing off add-on's to smartphones capable of transforming them into thermal vision devices, tricorder medical diagnostic kits and even stun guns.

Perhaps most startling was Baton Rouge-based startup Yellow Jacket announcing the launch of a 600,000-volt stun gun case for the iPhone 5/5S. The company claims it is the first device of its kind for the latest generation of iPhone, having previously made a similar case for the iPhone4/4S.

"We are committed to the issue of personal protection," said Sean Simone, CEO of Yellow Jacket. "By improving our Yellow Jacket case, we increase peace of mind for smartphone owners, making it easier and more effective for anyone to use during unsettling situations."

The latest case will set customers back $149 (£91) and will be available to buy from the company's website in February.

Unfortunately for those wishing to buy one, many places classify them as a dangerous weapon and owning one could get users in trouble with the law. In the UK, for example, anyone owning a stun gun case would most likely be arrested.

Yellow Jacket has been making efforts to address this problem, announcing at CES 2014 the launch of a petition to reclassify the stun gun cases as personal protection devices.

"We created the first Yellow Jacket case after our own experience with robbery," Simone said. "With the emergence of 'Apple picking' in the New York area we felt that it was time for us to take a stand on behalf of the state's constituents.

"We hope by launching this petition, a law will go into effect allowing the use of stun guns in the state for residents to further protect themselves."