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Forgot to buy lightbulbs? Shoots and Leaves app lets you use pictures as reminders

The scenario is this: you need to remember to get something at the store, so you take a picture of the thing you need to get. It could be a light bulb, a specific kind of tomato sauce, or whatever—it doesn't matter. We've all done it.

So you look at your camera roll to remind you what to do, and that's it. However, you never delete them and these throwaway shots continue eating up storage space and getting synced to your iCloud camera roll.

Shoots and Leaves for iPhone is an app that changes the way you use pictures as reminders by turning them into links.

When you open the app, Shoots and Leaves boots you right to the camera interface. You snap your picture and it is immediately uploaded to Imgur, Dropbox or CloudApp. What you get is a link to the image, but you can then attach an action. One of the more popular uses is to attach a reminder to the link and drop it into the iOS reminders app.

That's only one option, though. Your link can go to Mail, SMS, and even third-party apps like Omnifocus and Drafts.

Shoots and Leaves lets you create templates for the different actions so you can get your images where they need to go in fewer taps. So you can build an action for a reminder that can be applied in a single tap. The image is uploaded and you're done. There's also an option to just copy the link to your clipboard without sharing it directly to an app.

The app's interface is appropriate for iOS 7 with a lot of white, clean icons, and all the right bouncy animations. This app focuses on doing a single thing, but it does it very well. It just so happens that one thing is something we all do. It's a £1.99 app, but it could get a lot of use.