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Kickstarter pledges hit $480m in 2013

Kickstarter saw pledges reach $480 million [£291 million] in 2013 as three million users chose to back projects launched on the website.

Pledges made on the crowdfunding site increased from $319.8 million [£194 million] the previous year as a total of 19,911 projects were successfully funded throughout the year and “thousands more came to life”.

Kickstarter also reported the amount of users increased from 2.2 million in 2012 and of the three million that pledged money over 807,000 backed more than one project with 81,000 backing 10 or more projects.

On average those pledging spent upwards of $1.3 million [£790,000] per day on Kickstarter projects in 2013, which equated to $913 [£554] per minute.

In terms of the geographical spilt of pledges there were backers from a total of 214 countries and territories drawn from all seven of the planet’s continents including Antarctica.

Kickstarter also highlighted a number of the projects it has helped to bring to the market including the Pebble smartwatch that ended up raising $10 million [£6 million] through the site, the Oculus Rift gaming headset and the Ouya Android gaming console.

In the popular crowd-funding industry Kickstarter has one main competitor in Indiegogo, which was home to the Ubuntu Edge smartphone that raised $12.8 million [£8.2 million], the highest figure of any project – though it still missed its ambitious $32 million [£20.5 million] target. Even with this amount of backing for one project, developers revealed that Kickstarter was far more popular than Indiegogo and raised six times more money than its rival.

Kickstarter was launched back in 2009 and to date projects on the site have seen $939 million [£570 million] in pledges and it arrived with a UK centric version on October 2012. In its first year on these shores it saw more than £22.5 million pledged with £17.1 million of that going towards the over 1,500 projects that have been a success.

Jamie Hinks
Jamie Hinks

Jamie is a freelance writer with over eight years experience writing for online audiences about technology and other topics. In his time writing for ITProPortal he wrote daily news stories covering the IT industry and the worldwide technology market, as well as features that covered every part of the IT market, from the latest start ups to multinational companies and everything encompassed by the IT sector. He has also written tech content for our sister publication, TechRadar Pro. Jamie has since moved into sports betting content and is Content Manager at Betbull.