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Michael Bay taunted by Nokia after CES presentation fail

Just as Michael Bay was beginning to lift his head from the pillow he's been hiding under for the past few days, a tongue-in-cheek Tweet from Nokia has poked the Transformers director once more with the shame stick.

The smartphone maker posted a photo (opens in new tab) of its Nokia Lumia on its official Twitter account with the strapline "Pro tip for presentations: Save key talking points on OneNote in case the teleprompter fails."

The jibe references Michael Bay's swift departure from a Samsung presentation (opens in new tab) at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (opens in new tab). Racking up a grand total of 47 seconds on stage, Bay had just enough time to walk on, talk over the VP that was meant to be introducing him, declare that he was going to "wing it" and repeatedly say sorry as he fled the stage in a panic.

Whether for technical issues, a lack of rehearsal time or the very real possibility that the teleprompter was actually a decepticon, there are a number of theories surrounding the big-budget director's meltdown. Nokia, however, is one of the few to offer a to-do list of how Bay could have avoided the situation altogether.

"DO Answer questions in a timely manner," the Tweet suggested, "Use teleprompter, In case of emergency, Check OneNote. DON'T wing it!"

OneNote (opens in new tab) is a cloud-based note taking software not dissimilar to Evernote. Through it, customers can create notes either via mobile app or online using SkyDrive or Office Web apps. Once written, the memos are stored and synced to Microsoft's cloud.

Perhaps the use of such technology will act as a safety blanket for Bay in future presentations to help him overcome any more "Armageddon the hell out of here" urges.

Alysia Judge
Alysia Judge

Alysia is a multi-talented freelance filmmaker, presenter, and writer. She's worked with and created content for Netflix UK, IGN, BAFTA, the Guardian, the BBC, and has written for sites like IT Pro Portal GamesRadar, IGN, and more. She also works with UK gaming body, UKIE.