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CES 2014: Who are the three hottest startups at the show?

CES isn’t all about the industry giants and household names, you know. We’ve already brought you news and insight from emerging startups like MiiPC (opens in new tab) and 3Doodler (opens in new tab), and the event’s hosts have also been keen to shine a spotlight on the industry’s breakthrough outfits.

That’s where the special Eureka Park startup zone comes in, where the most exciting companies and technologies have been given a platform to engage with industry peers and earn some all-important coverage at the conference.

With Eureka Park at its disposal, tech exhibitor ShowStoppers ran its LaunchIt Pitch Competition this week, picking the top three startups most worthy of investment here at CES. Picking the winners today were a panel of angel investors representing the New York and Las Vegas angel investment community.

As the organisers put it, “ShowStoppers LaunchIt is a curated pitch event for 16 companies selected from the more than 200 young, innovative, transformative and entrepreneurial startups that exhibit in Eureka Park, a TechZone within CES where retailers, venture capitalists, manufacturers and others will find entrepreneurs launching new products, services, apps and ideas.”

So who in the experts’ eyes are the most promising startups at this year’s CES? Here’s the official top three starting with third place and ending with the winner:


Chromation (find out more) (opens in new tab) has a proprietary low cost sensor for handheld colour and light measurement. It is 10 times cheaper than a spectrometer and four times smaller. It fills the gap between low cost and high performance products.


FINsix (find out more) (opens in new tab) has a laptop adaptor that is four times smaller, and six times lighter, than its average rival. FINsix pushes ground-breaking power conversion technology that allows for a 10 times reduction in size while maintaining efficiency. It will be useful for industries that focus on consumer electronics, solid state lighting, and automotive.

Touchjet (Winner)

Touchjet (find out more) (opens in new tab) has a precise touch enabled pico projector that has a built-in Android OS. It can transform an empty wall into an interactive 80in tablet and is billed for use in both the consumer and educational market.

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